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The Ram Card

Rapid Medicine Ltd. developed and distributes the RAM CARD - the most advanced medical emergency card. The information is visible (needs no computer), holding the important details needed for any medical staff, whether in an ambulance or in an emergency room. In some events, the RAM CARD is the only source for the patient's medical information. It is also very important for people traveling abroad, when being away from their official records, as this might be their only source for information.

[Therefore, it is also highly recommended to have RAM CARD with you, in addition to any travel insurance]

The highly secured and most advanced 2D barcode system appearing on the card, enables also the immediate and secured access to the e-HEALTH records, and the prompt retrieval of your medical records directly to the screen of your mobile phone. This 2D barcode system is worldwide patented.

Each RAM CARD is inspected and aproved by our physician!

Notice all Institutions, Organizations, clubs and employees:
The 2D barcode system can be activated also on any other card (like your members, customers, or employee card), by just printing the 2D barcode symbol on it. After receiving the card with the 2D barcode and in order to maintain high degree of medical security and confidentiality, the card holder, should he decide to use it, must activate the card by going through the regular process of "ordering your RAM CARD. For more details and quatation click here.

The Card

The RAM CARD comes in the form of an emergency medical information card, with the size of a credit card. It contains the most important medical information of the card's holder, needed incase of medical treatment and particularly in case of emergency.

The card summarizes the holder’s most important personal data:
Identity details (name, address, ID number, picture), name and telephone number of a person he wish to call in case of emergency, blood type, sensitivity or allergy to determined drugs and/or treatments, the device(s) which the holder has in constant use (such as cardiac pacemaker, insulin device, and the like), main diseases from which the holder suffers or suffered, the medicines which the holder uses on a regular basis for long periods, as well as the date on which the card was issued.

On the reverse side of the card appears 2D barcode and a Rest E.C.G (optional) with the date it was taken.

Note: The rest ECG check service is provided only in countries where a representative of our company is active, as we use a special format which was specifically designed to the RAM CARD.(Want to become a representative? click here)

Important: To read the information appearing on the card, you need no device! It is readable anytime anywhere.

The 2D (2 dimension) barcode appearing on the card, enables the retrieval of the emergency medical information of the card holder to the screen of the holder's mobile phone in a high level of security.

RAM CARD is the most advanced, reliable and prompt aid for retrieval of secured medical emergency information.

The card should be kept close to the identity card, or passport, since this is the first document which is sought should an emergency medical event occur.

The importance of the RAM CARD

Getting your RAM CARD

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