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The Importance of RAM CARD

RAM CARDMay save your life!

- On hand, prompt, fast and reliable!

- Medical information prior to Medical treatment!

A. Day after day, emergency rooms in hospitals throughout the world, receive patients who are incapable of supplying the vital information which the emergency room staff needs in order to begin immediately extending the appropriate medical treatment. Such situations are extremely frequent when the patient arrives in a state of unconsciousness, in shock, effect of Alzheimer disease, anxiety, and the like.

As a result of such a lack of information, much precious time - and sometimes too precious - is squandered until the emergency room staff gets that data at hand, whether obtained by means of examinations and tests carried out on the spot, or from relatives, who might not be with the patient at the time, might not be suitably informed, or might just be misinformed.

B. Sometimes, the very worst occurs: in the absence of vital information, and with the best of intentions of saving critical minutes, the patient is administered a treatment which might not be exactly suited for him, or might even constitute a danger for him, for instance when a patient is treated with a medicine to which he is allergic.

C. When the patient approaches a physician who does not know him
personally, there is a risk that the medicine prescribed might be one
that the patient is prohibited from taking.

D. Most travelers going abroad take out medical insurance. However, in the case of a health incident while abroad, travelers having to consult a physician or be taken to hospital, lack the background information which the medical corps might require. It is easy to imagine the situation which would - and sometimes does - arise in the absence of the availability of such information.

E. Furthermore, should a patient be interested in obtaining a medical opinion from another physician, the latter, in most cases, will only be able to base his judgment on the data specific to the particular ailment the patient is suffering from at that particular time - as that is what the patient has then available. If the patient had in his possession all the important data on his health past, there is no doubt that the additional medical opinion could have been better based and more comprehensive

F. When a person is about to be hospitalized on the base of a preset arrangement, he is generally requested to bring with him his medical documents. Most generally, this represents a bother, since most of the such documents are at different hospitals and doctors’ clinics and not in his possession.

RAM CARD - Prevents such situations.

Through the new (and patented) 2D secured barcode technology, our customers are able to retrieve their medical records on their mobile telephone screen. RAM CARD is the first and only medical emergency card
to use this incredible technology.

Who needs the RAM CARD?

Actually - every one. Since no one knows when a medical emergency might occur, it is imperative that every one should have available the RAM CARD, which is most necessary to the medical staff who might have to attend the card holder in emergency events.

We said “every one” - and we mean just that. Even healthy people must have RAM CARD! Indeed, in the event of emergencies, when the cardholder is unaware of his health particular data - or unable to mention them - the medical staff frequently has no other means of immediate information. Accordingly, should a healthy person suffer an unforeseen accident or health incident, much precious time might be lost until that vital information is gathered. RAM CARD saves time and unnecessary tests!

Whoever is not absolutely healthy, runs an additional risk due to the possibility that an unsuitable treatment - or one to which he has a particular sensitivity - could be administered to him. The risk of an unsuitable treatment is also present when a patient approaches a clinic, other than the one he usually goes to, or a physician who is not acquainted with the patient.

To summarize, the RAM CARD is first and foremost meant to assist and to save the life of the cardholder, should he be picked up by an ambulance or reach the hospital in a condition in which he is not able to cooperate with the medical staff assisting him. Furthermore, the card serves as a most useful tool in the event of any medical treatment being necessary.

Patients who do not have any special health problems are still advised to have the RAM CARD, to enable immediate treatment in case of medical emergency.

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