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Traveling? Add RAM CARD or RAM-CODE to your travel insurance!

From now on, your medical info travels with you abroad!


When traveling abroad, it is highly recommanded that you keep your medical info close to you - as close as possible. In case of medical emergency, it becomes the most important tool for any Ambulance stuff, physician, emergency room or ICU stuff. This is what they need to provide you with the fastest and most reliable treatment.


RAM CARD will acompany you also when ever you visit a physician on a visit you did not plan. The RAM-CODE, known also as the 2D Barcode, enables you to retrieve you medical info also directly to the screen of your cellular phone.


While issuing the RAM CARD takes up to 10 business days, the RAM-CODE can be sent to you by email and printed on your home printer.


Ordering your RAM CARD or RAM-CODE

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