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Ordering your RAM CARD


For purposes of the preparation of the RAM CARD, you are kindly requested to complete the questionnaire in which you will detail your health background, in the form it appears on the card.

Please read the following explanations before you start filling-in the questionnaire!

The questionnaire


The details you provide in the questionnaire are of top importance, as this is the main and original source to the details appearing on your RAM CARD

All details marked with red star (*) must be filled. In addition, you are kindly requested to read carefully all other parts of the questionnaire (e.g. diagnosis, medication, devices carried) and fill in all apllicable details

Please note: All diagnosis and medications must be written the way your physician spells them! Any conversion to the international terminology must be done exclusively by Rapid Medicine's physician!

After completing the questionnaire, click "next" to the payment section. When done, click "send".

Other general and comprehensive information can be saved on your personal file. For details see the "e-HEALTH" section. 

Your picture

Before starting to fill-in the questionnaire, please have your face (passport) picture saved as a file, so you can add it at the proper plcae in the questionnaire. If your picture acceeds the size of 500K, transfer might take a bit longer.



The "Rest ECG" check service is optional and provided only in countries where a representative of our company is active, as we use a special format which was specifically designed to the RAM CARD.(Want to become a representative? click here)


The RAM CARD is updated to the date of the form, which is printed on the card. Card holders are kindly requested to have their card updated whenever any information on the card is no longer correct. It is highly recommended to update the RAM CARD each year. Updating can be done by the cardholder, through the RAM FILE (see the e-HEALTH section) or by the Rapid Medicine stuff (optional).


The cardholders’ true identity can be checked with their photograph appearing on the card. Comparing the identity number appearing on the RAM CARD, with the number appearing on the ID card or Passport can be another way of identification (RAM CARD must always be kept with an identification document).

This is a fitting opportunity to mention that the RAM CARD is entirely computerized, and this permits the immediate reconstitution of the card in the event of loss, with no need of any information or new photograph.


Your RAM CARD will be sent to the address you submitted on the questionnaire.


Prices - individuals (same prices worldwide)


PLease note: Prices include shipment by mail, with up to 14 working days delivery.

                     For up to 5 working days delivery, door to door, please add US$ 26.-


Prices - Group purchase (Companies and organizations):

Price per RAM CARD or per 2D barcode, depends on quantities. To get quatation click here 

To fill the questionnaire and order your RAM CARD
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